April 6, 2014

Fancy Finances with iBank

Well, it's April and you know what that means! Tax preparation hell time! You know what would make it easier, and maybe even a little more fun? Use iBank to manage your finances on your Mac, iPad and iPhone. I've posted about this app in the past but I feel like I just have to repeat it because the fine folks over at Igg Software and makers of iBank just keep raising the bar on the features and design of their products. Like a shiny penny, they just keep polishing it. Yes, they gave me a review license, but trust me, I would still endorse this app because I have seen the horror that is that other software that shall not be named for the Mac and iBank is the just the way to go. My CPA loves how organized I am come tax time, thanks to iBank.

Here is a link to their latest press release so you can read up on the newest improvements and enhancements.

As always, you can try before you buy which is extremely handy when it comes to learning a new personal finance tool.

Watch these handy-dandy tutorials, I mean, can they make it any easier?

iBank is the personal finance product I recommend to my clients when they want to learn how to manage their finances digitally or become more comfortable with online banking.

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iBank is available on your iPad and iPhone too!
Click here for iPad