Sunday, November 16, 2014

On Geekiest Show Ever 161 with Keven & Mike

!! colorful language advisory !!
I pick Kevin's brain on his new iPhone 6 Plus as I'm still on the fence about which form factor I want in the new iPhone. I tell the story of how I recovered my husband's stolen iPhones. Mike talks gear that collects data and more on
"Geekiest Show Ever 161 – Our Connection to Sanity"
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What's On My iPhone

People always ask me what apps they should install on their iPhone or iPad. I've been wanting to make a mini catalog like this for a long time and I finally started to scratch the itch. I've created a "What's On My iPhone" Pinterest board. I've embedded it below using a script. If for some reason it doesn't load properly, just click this link. For each pin I've included a short and sweet reason for why I chose to install the app and what purpose it serves. I started getting punchy after pinning for a while so some of them are a little silly. Several of them I wrote as if my great aunt were asking me about apps on her very first smartphone.

I'm hoping I can use it as a point of reference because I get asked this question so many times and I always feel like it's more of a needs-based answer. This way the viewer can just skim through and see what might apply to them or maybe find something they hadn't even considered.

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