March 18, 2016

Upgrade Your Car With ZUS

Mother's Day isn't far off and I have a terrific gift idea! If the mom in your life is anything like me she may have any one or more of the following: an older or aging car, a habit of losing her car in a parking lot or parked on the street far away, and a smartphone or tablet that's running low on juice (because she just shot a bunch of home movie and photos). Sound familiar?

ZUS to the rescue! Thanks to a review unit from, this handy new gadget has given my 13-year-old car a bit of an upgrade. ZUS plugs into the cigarette lighter port and converts it into a 2-port charging outlet for USB-powered devices. I love how each port is illuminated so I can find them easily in the dark. It's also built with military-grade materials so I don't have to worry about it melting or malfunctioning in the desert temperatures where I live. Not only does this thing charge our smartphones AND tablets quickly, it also helps me locate my car!

Imagine you're on a road trip with the family and your destination is an amusement park with one of those huge parking lots. I always have so much anxiety worrying about finding my car when we get back. Recently, I took the kids to the Children's Museum downtown where parking was a huge challenge because of the need to park so far from our destination. In these scenarios, I used to whip out the Notes app and jot down the row number or some kind of description or snap a photo – all while trying to keep my wiggly kids from having a meltdown because it's taking Mommy too long. Now I can park my car quickly and worry-free because ZUS will help me find it. When it's time to walk back, my kids love helping me find our car with the ZUS iPhone app because it gives us a compass to follow. If for any reason it can't pinpoint your location as you park your car, the app lets you know and directs you to snap a photo of the area surrounding your car. (So far in testing it out, it's only happened once during our current road trip.)

Another great feature in the ZUS app is the ability to set a parking timer right there as soon as you park. We've definitely been in that situation many times where we had to concern ourselves with a parking meter ON TOP OFF trying to remember at which meter we've parked! Two problems solved with one ZUS!

My family and I have travelled across the country and back several times and I can already see how handy ZUS will be for future road trips to come.

I really think this would make a fantastic gift for Mother's Day on Sunday, May 8th, 2016When you buy a ZUS directly from, use this 10% off promo code (valid until March 31, 2016)


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Many thanks to for the opportunity to review ZUS for my readers!