June 29, 2016

That Time I Made Bart Laugh and Choke On His Beer

I have been friends with Bart Busschots for a long time now. I love to make him laugh and I've been wanting this very moment for a long, long time and it has finally arrived...at 56 minutes and 24 seconds in to this video podcast I contributed to for British Tech Network.
The Big Show participants
video: http://www.britishtechnetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/BIG_270616.m4v
Click below to watch their video and listen in as Ewen loses it and Bart chokes back his beers. Poor Jeff manages to recover it for us, almost.

Check out original show notes here: http://www.britishtechnetwork.com/big/molten-salt-is-my-new-safe-word
Thanks to Ewen Rankin for inviting me on the The Big Show with Jeff Gamet, Paul Wright, Chris Campion, and Bart Busschots who allow me to not behave myself.

Tap or click the play button in this player to view the show.

Maybe I enjoy it just a little too much?