Saturday, November 3, 2018

Paper Bank Statements Don't Keep You Safer

Do you trust your iPhone or iPad for safety in banking? If not, what do you trust more that you feel reduces your risk?
If you think paper statements, then it may already be too late.
If you prefer a desktop computer or laptop web browser over a mobile app that has dedicated access tied directly to your bank, consider the risks of malware and viruses you could be exposing yourself to from desktop websites compared to mobile.
Here are some useful articles on the subject:
Don’t want to store your banking information in a password manager because you know it by heart? Crooks are counting on you to know this info by heart so that you can be phished into giving it up more easily. If you have to stop, then go get the info from a password manager, you’re much more likely to keep yourself safer because the act of looking it up will make you think twice about the reason why you’re looking it up instead of just giving out the answer.
Hack your own brain, metaphorically, by placing some bright, yellow safety tape over that step that was about to trip you and cause injury.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

In Touch with iOS - Episode 039 iOS Tricks and Treats


Oct 27, 2018
The iOS App Store recently stopped listing in-app purchases so Melissa explores the trickier side of being an informed consumer and what it could mean for developers as well. Dave tells us all about the treats of being a Jamf customer including MATTER Innovation Hub and how it can benefit our youth. Full show notes are at
iPhone XR Review Roundup — Daring Fireball
We are excited to virtually attend yet another one of Apple’s Special Events. You can watch as they stream it live from Brooklyn, New York on October 30th. We expect new iPad announcements.
Last week, Dave attended the Jamf Nation User Conference where they introduced an amazing, portable classroom called the MATTER Innovation Hub and he got to tour it. Jamf had this converted shipping container sent to Hope School in Haiti where they have no electricity. The classroom is solar-powered and the teachers are able to educate underprivileged students about coding and technology using iPads.
Red Lion Hotel chain is piloting the use of Apple TVs in every room with all TV functions and hotel information provided.
039 iOS Tricks and Treats was recorded October 28, 2018. “Please Listen Carefully” by Jahzzar is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Testing Blogo


Checking out the Blogo app again. My first thought as I type this is that I wish it had auto-correct. I’m editing this post now to see how it re-publishes.