Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Right at Home with iPhone 11 Using AR

They finally listened to me! The iPhone 11 has a purple finish available!

Want to see something really cool? You can use the AR feature on Apple’s website to place the iPhone as an object on a surface nearby. I tried it out this morning while eating breakfast. The beautiful lilac color of the iPhone 11’s purple finish compliments my purple Ello water bottle nicely.

Then scroll down to here:

Next, tap the AR symbol.

When the page opens up, use one or two fingers to pinch and push onto the image to turn it around and enlarge it. The detail is amazing. Next, tap the AR button.

It will place the iPhone object on a surface.

You can manipulate the object in the space to swivel and enlarge. I couldn’t figure out how to get it to rotate from the bottom or top, only the sides, but you get the idea.

Tap in the center of the screen and you’ll see the options to snap a photo or share.

Because who wouldn’t love a ginormous iPhone 11 in their living room on a coffee table?!

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