October 18, 2019

RIP iTunes macOS app

Now that Catalina has been released, I felt it was time to take a moment to note the passing of iTunes. Lots of people hated iTunes. I didn't necessarily hate it for my own personal needs, but I did see and experience the frustration many had with its "bloated" interface. I've always struggled to support it out in the field when working with my clients trying to teach them how to get a handle on their ever-increasing data and media needs. It was a pretty busy app on the Mac so I look forward to the change.

Since the macOS iTunes app is getting chopped up into separate pieces...err...um...apps, I made this spooky graphic for fun to note the change. It's almost Halloween so it's based off a well-known horror flick. If my kids should ever read my blog for fun in the future, I wonder if they'll get this reference.

Yes kids, it was a super cheesy movie and this is a super cheesy post!

RIP iTunes macOS app. We knew you well.

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