November 29, 2019

It's The Great Sale Sporting Event

I obsess when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales because I save and research all year long for these days to come! My sister is the hard-core brick and mortar in-store shopper and I'm the caffeine dosing all-nighter online shopper. Both of us treat this time of year like it's a goddamn sporting event!

Well, I thought I'd share my findings here on my blog in hopes that some of you could benefit from it. Sharing is caring :)

It's iPad Stylus Comparison Time!
Did you get in on the Black Friday sale on a new iPad yet?

These newer iPads work with Apple Pencil, but those things are really, really pricey, so I set out to look at alternatives. ๐Ÿค‘

Lots of styluses are on sale now and choice paralysis is setting in. Maybe these considerations could help YOU decide so have a look:

✏️Compared to the Adonit Note, the Crayon can make thick and thin lines because it supports tilt, but I'm still not yet sure if that means you can make shading in sketches happen or not. None of the sub-$50 stylus models seem to support pressure sensitivity, so you'll need to pick and choose from their other features. Reviewers on Amazon for the Adonit Note report a better on/off/connection experience compared to the Adonit Crayon. Both have nibs that wear out over time and need to be replaced, but they are soft on the iPad's glass and don't scratch. I still think it sucks that they don't come with replacement nibs. You'll need to factor in the replacement pricing towards the total cost over ownership.

✏️Then there are the lesser-known (or not really known at all) brands like FoJoJo — which is just fun to say. Styli made by these makers all seem to be knock-offs of each other and it's difficult to tell from the reviews how well these models will hold up over time or if they'll be supported with new firmware down the road when needed. (Hello, FiftyThree Pencil, anyone? :(

✏️The thing that frustrates me about the "carbon fiber" nibs is that I can't seem to determine whether or not they can or will scratch the iPad's glass. The details are sketchy at best. (See what I did there?) In some of the product details they recommend that you put a screen protector on your iPad, but they don't want to admit it's because their nib could potentially scratch the glass like some buyers reported. It says on other product details that the nib is smooth and won't scratch, so which is it?! They all seem to provide replacement nibs, which is handy. but compared to the cost of having to get a screen protector, we're then back to factoring in yet another add-on to the total cost. There is a 5-minute auto-shut off feature which, at first I thought was cool, but then I thought about how frequently I get distracted by interruptions and then I imagined that it would feel like it was constantly losing the connection, so now I'm not so sure if that will be a good feature. One last thing to consider is power button placement. Some look like they would get pressed by accident while others are a tap on the top which might be better.

๐Ÿ›Either way, these are all great alternatives to the pricier Apple Pencil if you don't need the additional bells and whistles. If you can keep your expectations reasonable for whether or not the money you save is worth the lack of longevity and future support, then one of these might get you creating more with your fancy new iPad!

Here are the three I've been comparing: (The Adonit went on sale again while I was writing this!)
✍️Logotech Crayon:

✍️Adonit Note:


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  1. Geez, please delete the previous comment...Rascal jumped on me and evidently pressed the enter button. Trying again.
    I have used a *lot* of styli over the years. I used several of Adonit’s styli after winning a package of several of them in a photo contest they did with Target a few years back. I hated the ones with the round disk over the tip. I had the first stylus that didn’t have the disk (don’t remember the name) and it was ok but laggy. The Pixel with pressure sensitivity was nice. It worked well with some of my favorite apps, Sketch Club, Procreate, and Good Notes. Even though they said it would not scratch the glass, I’ve always used a screen protector.

    Then I got an Pencil. Never looked back. Serenity Caldwell did a terrific review of it early on where she sketched her way thru various features. I still use mine all the time, and although I’d like to try the new one, I have no compelling reason to buy a new one unless it’s a gift, or if my current one bites the dust.


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