May 31, 2021

Geekiest Show Ever 358 - Brett Terpstra

On episode 358 of Geekiest Show Ever, we got to nerd out with Brett Terpstra! We talk music, machine setups, coding, apps, user experience, accessibility, super power productivity, ADHD, mental health, and more! I posted the original show notes here.

Brett's Podcasts


Brett's Links
Look for ttscoff everywhere else :)

A Few of Brett's Favorite Mac Tools

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Music Recommended by Brett


Want to listen to these tracks for free? Try out an Apple Music subscription:

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Thanks for all the music recommendations and resources, Brett. This conversation was a blast!


Check the Apple Security Updates page to see if your Apple gear is up to date.

Do you have questions about what you heard in this episode? Please send us your feedback. You can email us: podcast at geekiestshowever dot com. Follow us on Twitter for additional tips and conversation: We'd like to hear from you, so let us know which tech topics interest you most. Artwork for this episode is by Brett Terpstra. Elisa can be found at: Thanks to Brett for the episode artwork :)

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