Confidentiality Agreement

Preventing data loss and guarding against identity theft is a top priority. I consider it an honor and a duty to protect those I assist with care and devotion to confidentiality and security.

For your security, you should not reveal your login credentials to anyone. I highly recommend using a password manager to maintain account information and login credentials. If you suspect identity fraud, change your passwords right away to protect yourself.

That being said, there are scenarios like project collaboration or requesting technical assistance to access a locked account where some login details need to be shared even if it’s temporary access only to re-secure an account and then document it for your records. While providing you with technical support, there may be times—with your express consent and supervision—when I might be privy to your sensitive and private data such as user names and/or passwords or account information. I will never disclose any information I might see while working with you unless I am subpoenaed by law to do so.

As your computer technician/consultant/trainer, it may become necessary—as requested or required—to create and configure new or existing user accounts, develop websites and online content, recover lost passwords, advise you of online safety and security, or coach you on managing finances digitally with online banking, etc. Some of these tasks may require repeated logging in. Depending on the situation, you may wish to share personal information in order to troubleshoot an issue. For example, I get many requests to teach people how to manage their finances using computer software or an online service. I assist clients with their online bank software to facilitate the creation of financial reports or to review transactions. This usually means that personal information may be revealed during the course of a training and/or troubleshooting session. It is not my intent to read or retain personal information because I am focused on looking at the interface for usability in order to show you which buttons to press. I am not a financial or legal advisor.

For your protection and for mine, please be advised that you are solely responsible for remembering and/or maintaining your own login credentials and all associated data. I have no desire to know or retain any of the information I might see while assisting you in our technological endeavors because it’s a liability for me to do so. It is, therefore, with this official statement that upon hiring me, you confirm I am not to be held liable for any breach of security that may occur. I am not responsible for storing or maintaining your login credentials unless you have requested that I do so for the purposes of assisting with a project or to facilitate remote support. For example, in the case of a web development project, I may need to manage logging into a service on your behalf using your login credentials. If you request that I store any personal data relating to you on my computer, I will secure your information employing the same methods used to secure my own data*.

Please be advised that you are responsible for changing your passwords and any login credentials needed to access your information in the event you suspect any fraudulent activity. If you ever feel the security of your information has been compromised and you are not sure what to do, please do not delay in requesting an appointment with me to help you change your passwords and investigate suspicious activity. I pride myself in helping people learn to manage their own digital footprint.

Here is an example of how to communicate your preference to me when we are working on a project: 
If and when required, permission is [ ] granted [ ] denied to securely store information for the sole purpose of facilitating technical support and/or for maintaining online content, e.g., websites, blogs, merchant services, etc. 
If permission is granted you agree to permit me to save and enter credentials on your behalf for the sake of efficiency or in the case of remote technical support.
If permission is denied, you agree to always be present to enter your own login credentials when and where required.
*How I secure data:
• use a password manager to store, encrypt, update, and autofill login credentials and account details
• run a current and patched version of operating systems, e.g. macOS, iOS, iPad OS, and watchOS on all my devices
• maintain backups both on-site and off-site using iCloud, 1Password and/or Dropbox along with cloned hard drives

At any time I may revise this agreement including the terms and details it contains. This page will be the resource for any updates or modifications that may occur.