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It's my personal opinion that music is good for mental health. I really believe having music in your life is good for brain health and overall well-being. It also brings families closer. We love learning about our kids' new musical tastes as they grow. Sure, it's great they like our "oldies" music and we feel like good parenting has happened when we hear them singing along to some quality rock 'n roll, but it's more fun to see what new songs they bring into the fold. If you don't already have an Apple Music subscription, I recommend trying it out. I think you'll really enjoy how easy it is to discover new music that will bring peace and happiness into your life.

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It's much too easy today to become consumed and overwhelmed with so many many media sources. It can all add up to a huge time suck that leaves you feeling empty and drained. I've long trusted Apple News for quality resources and the News app delivers it to me in a clean and organized way that reduces fatigue and information overload. A News+ subscription helps cut through the noise with a well-designed interface and reading experience that will bring you professionally written articles from news sources you can rely on for responsible reporting.

There are so many terrific shows on Apple TV+ and new content is always on the horizon.

My Feel-Good Favorite TV Shows

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Watch Apple TV+ shows with me.

Ted Lasso is just good for the soul. I can't recommend it enough.

Be sure to check out the Desert episode in Season 2 of Tiny World. I live in this part of the desert and it's amazing to see adventures of the wildlife all around us and in our back yards.

Check out what a subscription to Apple TV+ has to offer.

A Few of My Favorite Books

My youngest son read Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz Ryan in fifth grade during distance learning. I decided to read it along with him as a bedtime story to help him stay on track. I got totally sucked in to this book and wept several times towards the end because I was so moved by the writing.

Book Cover Esperanza Rising

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Devorah Heitner guides us through the challenges and rewards of raising our Digital Natives in this detailed guide. Screenwise is a fantastic resource for families that helps them lead with compassion.

Screenwise, a book by Devorah Heitner

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CleanMyMac XGemini 2

Thanks to the MacPaw team for sending me amazing software to review. The amount of space I save by running CleanMyMac X and Gemini 2 helps keep my Mac lean. If only my diet worked as well! The apps are beautifully designed and I am always impressed with the attention to detail they give each product they create.

Gemini 2 in action
If you love apps and trying new things, then you might benefit from a Setapp subscription. Instead of purchasing individual software licenses per app, you get access to a huge catalog of apps for a recurring subscription fee. It just might be your cup of tea.

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I have been using Square for invoicing my clients for many years. It's secure and allows me to keep working remotely. Sharing my referral link will get us both a discount on processing fees.

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Rakuten is a great tool for saving money at places where you normally shop anyhow. It's also a deal and coupon service that, when used with the browser add-on, alerts you to sales you might have missed. I've been saving with Rakuten by shopping for groceries online. I also enjoy comparing prices on goods to get the best deal. You can opt for a check to be mailed or connect it to a PayPal account. I recommend the latter. If you join Rakuten with my affiliate link and spend a certain amount, we BOTH get cash back. Pretty cool, huh?  Click this link to check it out:

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